0.3W/M2 Safe tanning

What is 0.3W/M2 safe tanning?

European legislation enforces a limit of 0.3W/M2 for all sunbed tubes. This is the law and is regarded as a safe level of exposure for tanning. 0.3W/M2 is the same level of UV exposure as the mid day Mediterranean sun. 

The benefit to you as a customer is that by using a 0.3 compliant sunbed the risk of burning is greatly reduced while still encouraging a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan.

How do I get the best result from my sunbed hire?

Theres lots of things you can do to help get the best results from your sunbed experience, heres a few top tips; remove all make up prior to tanning. Make sure your skin is clean and moisturised for best results. Tanning can be a slow process, so little and often is key here. Avoid showering for at least 4 to 5 hours after a session as this can reduce the tan results.

How often can I use the sunbed?

For the best results and your own safety is is recommended that you do not exceed more than one tanning session in a 24 hour period. Your skin needs chance for the tanning process to take effect.

Do I have to wear goggles?

Yes. We always recommend wearing goggles specifically designed for indoor tanning while using a sunbed. This is because the skin on your eyelids is very thin, without adequate protection you are exposing yourself to the risk of irritation and other issues. With every hire we will always leave enough goggles for every user, however if you would like more feel free to ask.

Do lotions/ accelerators help?

Yes!! Tan accelerators work by absorbing into the skin and contributing to the production of melanin. Tanning lotions are specifically formulated to increase the tanning process and intensity resulting in a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan in a shorter space of time, whilst also keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated in most cases.



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